Garfagnana food : Your guide to eating out in the region
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The following users have registered on the site. The links in the columns on the right will take you to all their comments (posts) and the restaurant on which they most recently commented (latest review). If they have said they are contactable, the nickname on the left will be highlighted and you can email them through the site. We do not disclose members' email addresses under any circumstances.

Screen nameLocationPostsLatest review
AdminLondon, United Kingdom29 2010-08-21
AlUnited Kingdom1 2008-07-25
AldatoNestor, Trinidad and Tobago 
AnPiKeflavik, Iceland 
BargadiningItaly17 2009-06-17
BeaulyRockland, United States 
Bob MilstedUnited Kingdom3 2012-08-16
Carlo Zambonini1 2007-07-29, China 
CatrinUnited Kingdom 
David BroughtonOverton, Homefield Road,, Saltford, United Kingdom 
DebNew Hampshire, United States 
Dianne and Rob1 2007-03-12
Ernie Laurenzi1 2007-02-04
F.ROCCASURREY, United Kingdom 
fineaxesKIEV, Turks and Caicos Islands 
FloydPaxKaduna, Nigeria 
gcosiminiShelter Island Heights, NY, United States 
GregoryBiabSanta Rosa, Tajikistan 
GsaRankermoomoHANOI, Vietnam 
Heather BorthwickGLASGOW, United Kingdom2 2013-05-03
HoleStoomapapAlabama, Central African Republic 
JamesHonSanta Maria, Paraguay 
JasonNuslyBijeljina, Trinidad and Tobago 
Jennie GiambastianiIllinois, United States 
JerryweameBurnt Pine, Norfolk Island 
JessEDINBURGH, United Kingdom 
Jill West Midlands, United Kingdom 
JohnLondon, United Kingdom 
lerafuxseÌîñêâà, Russian Federation 
LuisaLucca, Italy7 2011-07-21
MarcelloLucca, Italy 
MarkLoQQWENRPVqqRjFSPg, Czech Republic 
mickyboynewcastle, United Kingdom1 2009-07-17
MikeFulham, United Kingdom1 2010-04-22
Mike Poulson1 2007-05-22
Minnesota JimMinnesota?, United States2 2007-11-01
NANorth Carolina, United States 
NAUnited Kingdom 
nellieScotland, United Kingdom 
Nick1 2007-02-21
NigelSurrey, United Kingdom 
NoraNewry, United Kingdom1 2009-02-02
OctaviosnBurnt Pine, Norfolk Island 
Olive OilUnited Kingdom 
ovappemaMandeville, British Indian Ocean Territory 
Pizzamaster2 2007-06-08
R.AverySurrey, United Kingdom 
Rael1 2007-04-15
rodneyboquet panama, Panama 
Rona1 2007-08-29
RonniekitBoden, Sweden 
S & A1 2007-10-14
SantatefBridgetown, Barbados 
sharotonbridge, United Kingdom2 2009-10-12
SharonAyrshire, United Kingdom1 2009-08-31
sueUnited States 
T HughesUnited Kingdom2 2007-12-31
TerryLucca, Italy 
TESTUnited Kingdom 
Therese1 2007-10-08
TimGallicano, Italy1 2010-12-16
TimABarga, United Kingdom54 2017-06-26
TinTuscanyItaly6 2009-11-29
VirtualFulham, United Kingdom1 2009-10-17
wendbloooakham, United Kingdom1 2008-11-08
Wilf WoodDerbyshire, United Kingdom 
WilliambokMaputo, Northern Mariana Islands 
WillieUnited Kingdom 
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