Garfagnana food : Your guide to eating out in the region
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Placeholder only, because there are no pictures of this restaurant (0)Fontanamaggio, Barga -
The ristorante Fontanamaggio da Franco, in Parco Kennedy has been improved for this season by the removal of the barren marquee! The food is still excellent, particularly the fish. I had a mullet steamed en-papillote with fennel which was perfectly cooked. The pizzas cooked on the wood oven are still the best in Barga. Has a good wine list, but expensive by Barga standards. Busy in summer but often deserted out of season. - Bargadining

Placeholder only, because there are no pictures of this restaurant (0)Fontanamaggio, Barga -
Fontanamaggio has the best pizzas in Barga: wood fired, thin crust with a fantastic range of toppings, and all freshly made to order. 4 Stagioni is always a favourite, seafood is good to but the prosciutto crudo with mascarpone is fabulous. Eat in the restaurant or in the rather barren marquee annex, or carry out and eat in the park. Very reasonably priced at about € 6 to € 7 depending on topping. Excellent wine list at sensible prices. - Pizzamaster

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