Garfagnana food : Your guide to eating out in the region
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Pictures of this restaurant (2)Ristorante Da Vinicio, Bagni di Lucca -
We`ve been there several times. The pizza used to be the one against which others were judged and other dishes are good too. The down for us was the fact that the place seems to be run for the convenience of the management, rather than that of the customers. We`ve been bossed about by a very cocky, self-important young waiter/manager(?) once too often and won`t be going back. - Anon

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Ristorante Da Vinicio, Bagni di Lucca -
Can get very busy in Summer, and consequently long wait for meals. Staff often seem disorganised, and lots of shouting goes on, but good family run restaurant with excellent Pizza. Good selection of local dishes. All good eating. - Anon

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