Garfagnana food : Your guide to eating out in the region
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Pictures of this restaurant (2)L`Eremita, Vergemoli Gallicano -
A recent visit to the Eremita was disappointing. The welcome was off-hand, the service was erratic and the speciality of the house `Spaghetti dei Frate` was extremely light on trout! Still an atmospheric venue and amazing setting. The grilled trout was excellent. - Bargadining

Pictures of this restaurant (2)L`Eremita, Vergemoli Gallicano -
A fascinating place to visit and dine. In the spectacular setting of a former monastery carved into the cliff face, the restaurant opens onto a small courtyard in front of the church. Trout is one of the specialities, provided by local fish farms. Slightly off the beaten track on the road from Gallicano to the Grotta del Vento, it is well worth the effort of getting there. - Bargadining

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