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Pictures of this restaurant (2)La Gatta, Careggine -
Today we made the excursion to 1000+ meters. The spectacular views in this area are worth it alone. La Gatta was not hard to find. TomTom did not have all the roads but once we were close there were good signs. It is a cavernous place; decor a bit functional. However, the welcome was warm and helpful. The table well set out and cloth napkins (always a good sign). The menu is short, all meat, no fish, and inexpensive. There may be a workman's lunch/menu turistico, but we were not offered it. Ravioli caserecci alla primavera was interesting - standard home made and delicious spinach and ricotta ravioli with a slightly strange sauce of strong herbs and what tasted like blanched tomatoes - unusual to me, but not unpleasant. Antipasto misto della Gatta was a bit bready, nice salami, but slightly dry proscutto. Tagliata di manzo was brilliant and for €7 was exceptional value for money. Grigiliata mista was good and wholesome. Peperoni al forno as a cotorno was delicious. Coffees, water and wine made a bill of €40 for two. Good, but not exceptional, value. Worth a second visit. - Tim

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