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Via Ponte di Ceserana No 15, 55020 Foscandora, Prov di Lucca Map

Approx. 4 Kms from Castelnuovo
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Telephone: 0583 662005
Cuisine: Traditional for the locality
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Open: Today: Open for lunch and dinner
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Food Wine Service Atmosphere Value
Customer comments (2)Add your comments
Tim on Sun, 26 August 2007 Add your comments
Antipasto was not offered, which is normal without a reservation. Tortelli of various meats with a ragu and bechamel sauce were delightful. As were mushroom tortelli with a light pesto sauce. Neither piping hot, which was disappointing. Two meat dishes for mains with vegetables, water, a bottle of wine and coffee for 38 euros is amazing value.
Food 6 Wine 7 Service 5 Atmosphere 3 Value 8 : Overall
GF Admin on Thu, 1 February 2007 Add your comments
Claudio is a fine chef and always well worth a visit. A somewhat dull dining room, but the passion he puts into the food food makes up for it. It pays to phone ahead, especially if you want something special.
Food 9 Wine 7 Service 7 Atmosphere 3 Value 7 : Overall
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